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Synthesis Under the Sea

I WAS RECENTLY turned on to a fun new audio toy called Seaquence. Described by its creators as an, “…experimental musical petri-dish,”  it lets you sequence multiple 16 step loops using a variety of editable waveforms. You can modify the scale, transposition, and volume envelope of the sounds in addition to the melodic sequence. These sequences and waveforms then take the form of colorful microbe-like entities that swim around the interface. The volume of each sequence is relative to how close its creature is to the center. The end result reminded me immediately of FLOW.

It’s possible to save, share and edit your creations, or those of your friends. For instance, here’s my first foray:

I was having some problems with the timing of the sequences. It drifted a bit and seemed to swing every other measure or so. However, this didn’t distract from how intriguing this little project is.

Here’s a quick demo video, but you should really just dive in!


romantec by complicit

THESE FOLKS ARE good friends of mine and amazing musicians. They just put out an ep. Check it out…


Rhythmic Pings and Cycles

Sonar from Renaud Hallée on Vimeo.