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Velosynth, an ‘Open-Source Bicycle Interaction Synthesizer

VELOSYNTH IS AN ‘open-source bicycle interaction synthesizer’ conceived by EFFALO. What is that?  Basically it’s a box one can strap to a bike that will make different sounds depending on how the bike is being ridden at any given moment. It accomplishes this by sending data from various sensors (speed, acceleration, direction, lean, et cet.), depending on how things are set up, to parameters like oscillation, amplification, and modulation. It will also apparently share data with other Velosynths in the area over a ‘microlocal’ network. The Velosynth website explains in more detail.

Here’s a video:


Cold Weather Riding and Field Recording

THIS PAST WINTER, Marlin Ledin took it upon himself to bike around the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior on his brake-less Surly Pugsley. While he was at it, he made some recordings of the ice cracking beneath him.

He describes his adventure at

The “Gear/Safety” section in particular, in which he describes his rig and some of the precautions taken against freezing to death in the event of a fall through the ice, is a good read.

This is an inspiring undertaking, and some of the sounds he’s recorded while on his adventure are truly amazing (and creepy).

Audio: The Lake Drums

Also, check out what John Keston of has to say about this here.